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Ashley’s Journey to Liposuction (Part 2: Recovery, Results and Regaining Control of Her Life)

Ashley’s Journey to Liposuction (Part 2: Recovery, Results and Regaining Control of Her Life)

Despite being healthy and active, Ashley had struggled with extra fat in certain areas of her body all her life. After having kids and working a sedentary job for several years, she gained weight that made her even more self-conscious and caused her pain when she tried to work out. 

Ashley felt she had no control over her body anymore, and she became depressed. She couldn’t physically or mentally be there for her family how she wanted to be. That’s when she knew she needed to do something to take back the control over her life she had lost.

An Intriguing Procedure 

Ashley had been a patient of Senza Aesthetic Medicine for years, where she regularly went for non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments. When she found out about their SenzaLipo procedure, she was excited about the possibilities but hesitant about getting plastic surgery. She decided to schedule a consultation to learn more about it and explore her options.

A Surgeon Who Took His Time and Set Realistic Expectations 

At Ashley’s consultation, Dr. Rasi spent a lot of time ensuring she understood the potential results this procedure could achieve for her — and what it couldn’t. He explained how it could improve specific areas of concern on her body but that it wouldn’t provide significant skin tightening. Fortunately, Ashley didn’t have a lot of loose skin in her midsection; her main concern was defined pockets of excess fat, which made her an excellent candidate for SenzaLipo. 

Ashley appreciated how straightforward and thorough Dr. Rasi and his team were. They let her know what to expect from the procedure, during recovery and with her results. 

“Everything they said was going to happen has happened. I am so grateful for how well they communicated everything to me.”

An Experienced Liposuction Team 

Dr. Rasi and his assistant Matt have performed thousands of liposuction surgeries together throughout their 16 years of experience with the procedure, which made Ashley more comfortable knowing she was in good hands. Ashley was surprised at how in sync they were during the surgery and how Matt knew what Dr. Rasi needed and was ready with it before Dr. Rasi even asked. 

Their professional yet friendly demeanor also made Ashley feel like a close friend. 

“Dr. Rasi and Matt made me feel so comfortable during the procedure without even trying. They were so human and down to Earth — it really calmed my nerves. They talked and joked with me as if we were friends on a lunch date. I told my husband I wished he were in there with me because it was so much fun!” 

A Gentle, Minimally Invasive Liposuction Technique 

Because SenzaLipo is minimally invasive and performed with tumescent local anesthesia, Ashley was awake and conscious throughout the entire procedure. She had fat removed from her entire midsection (belly, flanks/sides and back). She was nervous about how the surgery would feel, but she was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was.

According to Dr. Rasi, it’s very common for people to expect the surgery to be painful and traumatic, but it’s actually a more gentle and pleasant experience than most think.

Ashley’s Liposuction Recovery

While Dr. Rasi explained that downtime wasn’t necessary after SenzaLipo, he recommended that Ashley schedule her procedure at the beginning of a weekend when she didn’t have any plans. That way, she could relax around the house and not worry about getting ready or going anywhere the next day.

Ashley had her procedure on a Friday and went home that same day, and she felt good enough to do light chores around the house and shower the next day. Senza supplied her with a compression garment similar to Spanx that covered her midsection from her thighs up to her bra band and secured over her shoulders. She was given a second garment that reminded her of a back brace, which went around her midsection over the first garment. Ashley was happy to wear these garments for the recommended two weeks after her procedure, as they gave her an added layer of support and helped her body heal and change quickly.

After taking it easy over the weekend, Ashley was back to work on Monday without skipping a beat. 

A Newfound Confidence… And That’s Just the Beginning 

Just one week after her procedure, Ashley noticed drastic changes in her physique that continued to improve every day. While she still had swelling that Dr. Rasi said could take a few months to fully resolve, she was already noticing her clothes fitting looser and her body looking smaller. 

Ashley felt a confidence restored in herself that she hadn’t felt in what seemed like forever. She knows that getting liposuction isn’t the end-all-be-all, but she’s motivated to continue improving herself physically and mentally.

“It was crazy to see how quickly my body changed after SenzaLipo. It’s been a little over a month, and I still wake up every day and notice differences. I know this procedure won’t be a magic fix for all of my problems, but now I’m excited to put in the effort and work on myself.”

No Pain, All Gains

Since getting SenzaLipo, Ashley has more energy and is able to move and exercise more easily. It gave her the physical ability to work out more without the usual pain in her lower back, hips and knees. Now, she looks forward to exercising and feels like she’s regained control of her body. 

“I wish I wouldn’t have taken so long to do this. It was just the jumpstart I needed to exercise and become a healthier version of myself. Now I enjoy going for walks around the lake by my house and riding my Peloton without having to take Advil or Motrin for the pain afterward.”

Learning to Love and Accept Herself Again 

Ashley used to only take pictures of her kids and her husband, and if she was in the picture, she made sure it was only her face and not her body. She didn’t want to look at herself, and she avoided looking in full-body mirrors as much as she could. 

After seeing her post-op photos, especially compared to her pre-op photos, Ashley is becoming increasingly comfortable with her body and looking at herself. She’s grown to appreciate what her body has done and continues to do; it’s bore children and created life, it’s raised a family and created a home, and it’s carried her through all of her accomplishments in life. She’s also realized that taking care of her body is part of taking care of her mind and soul, and getting this procedure was a way to make herself feel better and show appreciation for herself.

“Doing this procedure has given me a fresh start of trying to love and accept myself for what I am, what my body can do and what I can be.”

Ashley’s husband also noticed a dramatic change in her after the procedure: “The amazing staff and professionally executed procedure made my wife smile a little more. That little bit increased her quality of life and, in turn, has made our house a happier home.” 

And Buying New Clothes She’s Excited About Is a Bonus! 

Before SenzaLipo, Ashley struggled every single day to find clothing she felt good in, and it was frustrating trying to get ready to go anywhere. Now, she’s bought many different outfits and is excited about updating her wardrobe. Ashley traded her husband’s baggy t-shirts for high-waisted shorts and tank tops for her daily wears, and she has multiple outfits she loves and is ready for date night any night! 

Ashley’s results will continue to improve as her body finishes healing and taking on its new shape over the next several months. She’s already enjoying her results but still has so much to look forward to, and she can’t thank everyone at Senza Aesthetic Medicine enough for what they’ve done for her and her family.