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Ashley’s Journey to Liposuction (Part 1)

Ashley’s Journey to Liposuction (Part 1)

Ashley stands in front of her bedroom mirror looking defeated and disheveled. The dress she has on doesn’t accentuate her figure and is tight in all the wrong places. An overflowing pile of tried-on clothes is strewn over the nearby king bed. 

Ashley has tried on nearly every piece of clothing she owns in an attempt to find something to wear on date night with her husband, but she doesn’t feel good in anything. At this point, she’d rather just stay home.

Meet Ashley

Ashley is a 34-year-old wife, mother of two and stepmother of two. She had struggled to feel confident in her body throughout her entire life, and gaining weight from working at a desk all day for several years made her even more self-conscious. After her son was born, she continued to struggle with her weight, and it got worse after having her daughter. Despite trying various fad diets and being more active when she was able to find time for herself, Ashley just couldn’t lose the weight.

At her heaviest, Ashley was constantly insecure and became depressed. She felt guilty because she had a great family, marriage and friends, but she just wasn’t happy. She decided it was time to do something for her physical and emotional well-being.

Since getting SenzaLipo in the spring of 2022, Ashley finally feels good about herself. And this is just the beginning; her results will continue to improve as her body finishes healing and taking on its new shape. 

When asked how she feels about her SenzaLipo procedure, Ashley said, “I wish I had done it sooner. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

A Lifetime of Feeling Self-conscious About Her Body 

Ashley is a Southern California native who had been self-conscious about her body and weight ever since she was a young girl. As a teenager, she was a cheerleader and participated in sports and activities like running, skiing and hiking. Despite being very active and healthy, she still didn’t feel comfortable in her own body. And when she had to wear a bathing suit, whether at the beach or pool or on one of her many river trips, she felt embarrassed and awkward. These feelings followed her into adulthood.

A Sedentary Job That Made Matters Worse 

Ashley has worked as a remote accountant for the last seven years. While she enjoys many of the benefits of working from home, sitting at a desk all day caused her several issues. Being the dedicated worker she is, Ashley was so focused on her work that she rarely got up from her desk throughout the day. This contributed to back pain and resulted in gradual weight gain over the years. 

“I didn’t realize the toll sitting at a desk all day took on my body.”

A Dedicated Wife and Mother Who Always Put Her Family First 

As a mother to two young children and two teenagers, Ashley always prioritized the needs of her family and put her needs last. In addition to working her full-time job, she had a household to run and a husband and children to take care of, meaning she rarely had time for herself. 

Ashley didn’t always have the time to shop for the healthiest ingredients and cook the most low-calorie meals. While she did her best to make nutritious meals for her family, there were also times when pizza and fast food were necessary to get dinner on the table. In addition, Ashley rarely had time in her day for a full workout, making it difficult to lose weight. 

Weight Gain and Pain 

When Ashley did have time for a quick workout, she experienced pain in her hips, back and knees from the strain of carrying excess weight. She often had difficulty finishing a workout due to the pain, causing a vicious cycle of weight gain and pain she thought she’d never escape. Ashley hated feeling out of control over her body and like she was constantly chasing her tail.

A Wonderful Life, But Something Was Missing 

Despite having a loving, supportive husband, healthy, beautiful children and wonderful family and friends, Ashley didn’t feel happy. She couldn’t stand looking at herself in the mirror and even got to the point where she dreaded being intimate with her husband. She knew something had to change. 

A Change in Perspective: It Was Time to Take Care of Herself

Ashley always prioritized everyone else, but she finally realized she needed to take care of herself too. Being depressed didn’t just affect her; it affected her loved ones, and she worried about the long-term impact it would have on her children.

An Aesthetic Practice That Made Her Feel Comfortable

Ashley started going to Senza Aesthetic Medicine in Redlands about five years ago after a friend referred her to them. After having her son, she had a lot of skin concerns like acne and dark spots as well as added hair growth in unwanted areas. She was interested in trying to take better care of herself, and since she wasn’t having success with her weight, she figured she would do what she could for her skin with facials and laser treatments.

Ashley quickly became comfortable with the staff and safety of the procedures at Senza and trusted them to help her find the best solutions to her aesthetic problems.

A Body Contouring Solution That Sounded Too Good to Be True 

When Ashley learned that Senza offered minimally invasive liposuction (a procedure they call SenzaLipo), she thought it sounded amazing but was skeptical of what it could actually do for her. She decided to go in for a consultation just to learn more about it. 

When Dr. Rasi said he could get rid of her trouble areas of unwanted fat with virtually no downtime and no general anesthesia, Ashley thought it was too good to be true. She’d tried other “quick fixes” for losing weight that never actually worked, and it was hard to believe this could be the solution she’d been longing for. 

Making the Right Decision for Herself 

Ashley talked with her husband about the procedure. He thought it sounded amazing as well and encouraged her to do it if it was what she wanted. 

Ashley previously put a lot of unnecessary pressure on herself to lose weight and make the best of what God gave her, and she never thought she’d get a procedure to alter her body. This made it difficult for Ashley to consider liposuction in the first place, but she realized that doing something like this could be a way to make herself feel better and show herself some appreciation for all that she does. 

“Sometimes, a little change in perspective is all you need.”

Part 2 Coming Soon

Stay tuned for part 2 of Ashley’s journey to learn about her liposuction experience at Senza and how the procedure and her results have affected her life.