Dr. Leonardo Rasi

Dr. Leonardo Rasi is the co-founder of Senza Medical Corporation. After receiving his MD and surgical training from Loma Linda University, Dr. Rasi devoted his career to helping patients feel confident in their skin and achieve a better quality of life with cosmetic laser surgery. He has proudly served the community of Redlands for 20 years. Since opening in 1999, Senza Aesthetic Medicine has evolved into a comprehensive laser center offering state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments in a welcoming and comfortable setting. Dr. Rasi is highly sought-after by patients for his advanced knowledge of liposculpting, his approachable attitude and his beautiful, natural-looking results. When not in the office, Dr. Rasi is an educator for laser companies and enjoys spending time with his wife and three sons.


Bre has a real passion for the aesthetic world.  She has extensive training in injectables and laser treatments.  Not only has Dr. Rasi passed down his wealth of knowledge, but Bre has also attended many extensive master injector training courses. She is very meticulous in her work and strives for our patients’ best results. Bre works triple duty – RN here at Senza, Labor & Delivery Nurse at LLUMC, and mom to three kiddos. She likes her Senza job best ;)  Her favorite thing to do at Senza is to give Matt a hard time.


As Senza’s youngest employee Cass gives us a “millennial perspective” on things in the office.  She is a talented aesthetician but is also very comfortable at the front desk helping wherever she is needed.  She is enjoying newly married life and doing DIY projects at home.


Matt has had several names at Senza - some of them cannot be mentioned…but his enthusiasm is infectious.  Currently he goes by Matty, Matilda, the chosen one, grizzly Adams, and “hey you”. Matt is the bravest man alive managing to work with an office full of women and keeping most of them happy.  Someday he will become a PA but we are not sure if his timeline is going to coincide with his lifespan. He loves time with his three children and driving his old leaky Land Rover.


Karen has been the face of Senza up at the front desk for almost 9 years.  A talented multi-tasker she juggles phone calls, checking patients in/out and patiently educating them on treatments and product.  She is a mom to twins and her husband is a cop so we don’t mess with her.


Sarah has been with Senza the longest - going on 18 years!  She has been a beloved fixture at this practice and has a very loyal following of patients.  We appreciate her happy and fun daily attitude as well as her entering conversations late and asking silly questions.  Sarah has three children and recently is loving being a new grandma.


Stephanie started as a patient,  then 10 years ago became our Office Manager.  As a business owner herself she offers an incredibly valuable sense of how to manage every aspect of the practice. Steph is the glue that keeps Senza together and also the fuel that keeps it moving.  Stephanie loves traveling, cycling and mostly spending time with her grandkids.


Tera is one of the most experienced RN’s doing aesthetics around.  She is an expert with both injectables and lasers. She is a very hands on provider that makes sure every patient has a great experience with their treatment. She likes to ask Matt to bring her chocolate frozen yogurt and Tera also doubles as CEO of her household of girls - and Jeff too.