When clean eating and working out don’t get rid of unsightly bulges of fat clinging to your flanks, abdomen and thighs, it might be time to check out the latest in body contouring techniques – SenzaLipo. SenzaLipo is a minimally-invasive option that reduces fat by utilizing a refined body-sculpting process. SenzaLipo is used to treat the same problem areas as liposuction but offers minimal scarring and reduced recovery time than traditional fat reduction techniques. At Senza Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Rasi can customize your sculpting treatment to ensure that you get the smooth, beautiful body contours you’ve worked hard to achieve but haven’t been able to through healthy dieting and exercise alone.

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SenzaLipo is a unique form of tumescent liposuction that Dr. Rasi created to help reduce the risk for complications and downtime commonly associated with the procedure. The procedure is much safer and gentler than traditional liposuction because it is performed utilizing local anesthesia, allowing a patient to remain awake. Additionally, the handheld device used during the procedure is small, making it possible to remove fat from the nooks and crannies that are typically difficult to remove with other forms of liposuction. The SenzaLipo method allows Dr. Rasi to sculpt areas that are small and require a detailed eye, creating the best results possible. 

How does SenzaLipo work?

During the SenzaLipo procedure, Dr. Rasi uses a small cannula to numb the fat layer through a tiny incision in the skin. After the numbing has taken effect, he uses another cannula designed for sculpting to remove fat precisely where needed. The smaller instruments and gentle treatment are less traumatic for the body, resulting in less bleeding, swelling and bruising.

SenzaLipo is considered minimally invasive. The procedure is performed using a local anesthetic, reducing the risk of complication or tissue disruption. The procedure is very safe, so general anesthesia is unnecessary. A SenzaLipo procedure causes short-term side effects resulting from the body healing and adjusting to the permanent fat reduction.

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What to Expect During a SenzaLipo Treatment

Dr. Rasi will review your medical history and expectations in an initial consultation to ensure that SenzaLipo is the right treatment for you. He will create a customized treatment plan designed to give you the best results if he determines you’re a suitable candidate.

Compared to traditional liposuction, SenzaLipo is unique because it utilizes a smaller, less invasive cannula that gently removes fat tissue. Only local anesthesia is needed to numb the targeted areas.

Stitches are not required because the incisions are small enough to heal beautifully on their own.

The advantages of SenzaLipo include:

  • Trims unwanted fat
  • Reduces fat tissue irregularities
  • Smooths and tightens tissues
  • Safer
  • More accurate
  • Less downtime
  • Minimal local bruising
  • Reduced trauma and fast healing time compared to surgical liposuction

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Candidates for SenzaLipo

You’re a great candidate for SenzaLipo if you have unwanted fat that will not respond to diet and exercise. SenzaLipo can be performed SenzaLipo on men and women of any skin type. Ideal candidates are healthy and of average body weight and have realistic expectations regarding results. SenzaLipo enhances natural body contours; it is not intended to be a weight-loss treatment.

Candidates for SenzaLipo typically have a BMI under 30 and are within 20 percent of their target weight. The procedure doesn’t remove a substantial amount of fat. Instead, it fine-tunes trouble spots by removing small, localized fat deposits unresponsive to diet and exercise.

Some specific circumstances that indicate a patient should not undergo laser liposuction include cardiovascular issues, hypertension, diabetes, abdominal muscle laxity or separation, obesity or a high BMI.

Areas Treated With SmartLipo:

  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Bra bulge
  • Double chin
  • Buttocks
  • Neck
  • Upper arms

Senza Lipo FAQ's

Does SenzaLipo produce lasting results?

Yes! Our procedure removes the treated fat cells permanently. Existing cells targeted for removal will not repopulate. When a person gains weight, the fat cells simply expand rather than multiply. By eliminating the fat cell membrane, we remove fat storage units from the body.

How long does the procedure take?

For most patients, the procedure takes between two and three hours. How long it takes is ultimately determined by how many areas you have treated.

What can I expect post-treatment?

After your SenzaLipo treatment, you will need to wear a compression garment to support the skin and underlying tissue for several days. Resting post-treatment is recommended to allow the body to heal correctly. Most patients take a few days off to relax and resume work and normal activities as they begin to feel less sore. Dr. Rasi will provide you with post-procedure instructions to ensure that you heal comfortably and quickly.

Are there any risks associated with SenzaLipo?

As with any surgery, there are some risks associated with the SenzaLipo procedure. Potential side effects include bruising, scarring, infection or a deep itching sensation. If any complications arise, please contact Senza Aesthetic Medicine right away.

Can SenzaLipo be used to lose weight?

While SenzaLipo can contour the body and reveal a more flattering shape, it is not a weight-loss treatment. All liposuction procedures are designed for improving localized areas where fat reduction is difficult, not for losing weight.

Does SenzaLipo treat cellulite?

No, it does not.

How does SenzaLipo compare to traditional liposuction?

While traditional liposuction and SenzaLipo both reduce fat, SenzaLipo is the superior treatment because it allows the procedure to be done more gently under a local anesthetic. In addition, SenzaLipo requires smaller incisions compared to traditional liposuction. Smaller incisions mean less scarring, which means a quicker recovery and more aesthetically pleasing results.

When can I expect to see results?

Results with SenzaLipo may be seen a week after treatments, with continued improvement occurring over the next several months. Typical results are revealed between three to six months following your treatment. To learn more about what can be accomplished through a customized body contouring plan, call Senza Aesthetic Medical today at 909-793-3563 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Rasi.

Is SenzaLipo the same thing as SmartLipo?

SenzaLipo and SmartLipo are two fat reduction methods that differ greatly. SmartLipo utilizes a laser to melt away stubborn pockets of fat to reshape a patient’s figure, while SenzaLipo uses a solution to numb and expand stubborn pockets of fat. However, these two methods are similar because the process ends with suctioning out the unwanted fat cells. Both treatments are better and safer than traditional liposuction methods, but SenzaLipo is more similar to the traditional method. 

Why choose SenzaLipo instead of other liposuction methods?

SenzaLipo is a unique form of liposuction in the San Bernardino, CA, region that produces reliable results. The procedure was specially devised by Dr. Rasi to achieve the same results as other liposuction methods but poses less of a risk for complications, scarring and requires significantly less downtime. Dr. Rasi has advanced knowledge of liposuction, and under his guidance, you will attain the results you desire. During an initial consultation with him, your concerns will be thoroughly reviewed, and what the SenzaLipo procedure entails and what makes it so unique will be discussed. He will devise a treatment plan designed to suit your concerns and ensure you receive the best care you can. 


Stubborn fat deposits are never fun. No matter how much you diet and exercise, they will remain and continue preventing you from achieving your desired figure. Thankfully, unwanted fat no longer has to be an issue. SenzaLipo is a unique form of liposuction that produces visible results. Whether it is your arms, back, waist or neck, SenzaLipo can contour your figure into one you have always wanted. 

To learn more about what can be accomplished through a customized body contouring plan, call Senza Aesthetic Medical of Redlands, CA, today at 909-515-7026 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Rasi.