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11 Things Patients Wish They Knew Before Getting Liposuction

11 Things Patients Wish They Knew Before Getting Liposuction

Before any significant event in life, preparation is key. You probably wouldn’t walk into a job interview without researching the company and preparing answers to possible questions. Similarly, when considering a life-altering procedure like liposuction, being well-informed isn’t just advisable — it’s crucial. The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be for the journey ahead, allowing for a safer, more successful procedure, recovery and results.

At Senza Aesthetic Medicine in Redlands, we offer SenzaLipo, a minimally invasive tumescent liposuction technique developed by Dr. Rasi. He performs this procedure with local anesthesia and smaller instruments that are gentler on the body, which allows for minimal scarring and reduced recovery time.

Here are some vital things to know before undergoing a liposuction procedure like SenzaLipo. Some of them might surprise you.

1. It’s About Fat Reduction, Not Weight Loss

When considering liposuction, the first thing you should know is that it’s designed for fat reduction, not weight loss. Unlike general weight loss programs or surgeries that aim to reduce your overall body weight, SenzaLipo targets specific areas where you have difficulty shedding fat. Therefore, the treatment works best if you are in good general health but want to contour areas like the abdomen, thighs or arms.

Ideal patients are close to their goal weight and have stubborn pockets of fat, but patients of all shapes and sizes can benefit from SenzaLipo.

2. You’ll Need to Stop Smoking and Taking Certain Medications

Certain habits and medications can affect your body’s ability to heal and increase risks associated with surgery. As a crucial step before undergoing SenzaLipo, you’ll have to quit smoking for a certain period as advised by Dr. Rasi (and if you’ve been trying to quit, why not use this opportunity to quit for good?).

Additionally, certain medications and herbal supplements can interfere with healing or blood clotting. Before your surgery, you and Dr. Rasi will review any current medications and supplements to discuss adjustments or temporary discontinuation.

3. A Post-Op Chauffeur Is Needed for Getting Home

While SenzaLipo is minimally invasive, you’ll still be under local anesthesia during the procedure and won’t be in a state to drive yourself home after. Coordinate with a friend, family member or driving service to help you get home safely.

4. Preparing Your Space and Meals Can Help You Have a Smooth Recovery

How you prepare your home environment can dramatically impact your recovery. Creating a cozy recovery zone can make the post-procedure period more comfortable and accelerate your healing. Consider setting up an area in your home where you can easily reach everything you need: nutritious snacks, entertaining books, puzzles, TV remote controls and other leisure items.

Meal prepping can be especially helpful, as you might not have the energy to cook for the first couple of days post-treatment. The key is to make your life as easy as possible after surgery so you can focus on healing.

5. Plan for Downtime — And Get Help Around the House, if Needed

Despite the faster recovery time associated with SenzaLipo compared to traditional liposuction, you will still need to plan for a couple of days of downtime. If your household is bustling with activity or you have young children, consider arranging for some help in those initial days. This extra help will allow you to focus on healing without worrying too much about chores or childcare.

6. Final Results Take Time

SenzaLipo offers quick initial results, often visible a week post-procedure. However, the final outcome can take a bit longer to become evident. Full results are typically revealed between three and six months following your treatment. This timeframe allows your body to heal and adjust to the new contours and for all residual swelling to resolve.

7. The Fat Cells Removed Are Gone for Good

A key advantage of SenzaLipo is that the fat cells removed during the procedure are gone for good. Unlike other cells in your body, once fat cells are removed, they do not regenerate. This makes the areas treated with SenzaLipo less susceptible to future weight gain. In simple terms, fewer fat cells mean fewer places for excess fat to be stored.

8. A Healthy Lifestyle Can Help Maintain Results

Once you’ve undergone the SenzaLipo procedure and achieved that sculpted look you’ve always desired, maintaining those results becomes the next focus. Although you’ll have fewer fat cells in the treated areas, the remaining fat cells can still grow in size if you consume more calories than you burn. Here’s where a healthy lifestyle comes into play, setting the foundation for long-lasting outcomes.

After seeing the impressive results that SenzaLipo can offer, it’s natural to want to maintain or even enhance those benefits. Fortunately, many patients are motivated to adhere to a healthier lifestyle post-procedure. A balanced diet and a consistent exercise regimen will not only complement your body contouring results but also contribute to overall well-being, energy levels and self-esteem.

9. Exercise Could Become Easier After Liposuction

You might find that SenzaLipo not only enhances your physical appearance but also opens up new avenues in your fitness journey. While the primary goal of the procedure is to contour and shape your body, some collateral benefits often go unnoticed. One such advantage is the potential ease with which you can exercise post-procedure.

Alleviation of Physical Discomfort

Excessive fat can sometimes contribute to bodily discomfort, such as back pain or muscle strain, making the idea of a workout daunting. The targeted fat removal achieved with SenzaLipo can alleviate some of this discomfort, making it easier for you to engage in various physical activities without the dread of aches and pains.

Enhanced Range of Motion

Fat deposits can sometimes limit your range of motion, making certain exercises challenging to perform. Whether it’s a yoga pose you’ve always struggled with or a specific strength-training move, the fat pockets can be restrictive. With those pockets gone after a SenzaLipo treatment, you might discover that you have a newfound flexibility that allows for a broader range of exercises and physical activities.

Carrying Less Weight Makes a Difference

It might sound a bit counterintuitive, considering that SenzaLipo is not primarily about weight loss. However, removing even small amounts of fat can make a significant difference in how your body carries itself. Activities that require bodyweight manipulation, like running, jumping or bodyweight exercises, could become easier. Simply put, you’re doing the same activities but with a slightly lighter and more streamlined version of yourself, which could make exercise less taxing and more enjoyable.

10. Skin Tightening Is Beyond the Scope of SenzaLipo

Though SenzaLipo can offer some skin tightening, it’s primarily a fat reduction procedure, not a skin removal or shrinking treatment. If you have loose or sagging skin, this procedure alone may not achieve your desired results. In that case, Senza Aesthetic Medicine offers treatments like Exilis Ultra for skin tightening and body contouring, which can be combined with SenzaLipo for comprehensive results.

11. Choosing Dr. Rasi at Senza Aesthetic Medicine Means Choosing Experience and Proven Results

When you opt for a SenzaLipo procedure with Dr. Leonardo Rasi, you’re not just choosing any provider — you’re choosing decades of expertise and a proven track record. Dr. Rasi is the co-founder of Senza Medical Corporation and the creator of the unique SenzaLipo tumescent liposuction technique. A graduate of Loma Linda University with extensive surgical training, he has dedicated his career to body sculpting and cosmetic laser surgery.

Known for his advanced knowledge in liposculpting and his personable approach, Dr. Rasi consistently delivers beautiful, natural-looking results that speak for themselves. By choosing Dr. Rasi for your liposuction procedure, you’re investing in unparalleled expertise and someone who truly cares about your well-being and satisfaction.

Sculpt a More Slender Physique With SenzaLipo in Redlands

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