Non-invasive Fat Reduction

Unwanted fat has the tendency to accumulate around the abdomen and thighs, stubbornly refusing our best efforts to get rid of it. When you want to diminish those pockets of fatty tissue in your midsection and improve the contours of your thighs, the BTL Vanquish ME is a non-invasive fat reduction option offered at Senza Aesthetic Medical. The BTL Vanquish ME system utilizes thermal energy to disrupt the protective fat cell membrane and heat the contents of the cells to an optimal specified temperature, effectively liquefying the fat inside. The melting of the fatty tissue is achieved through radiofrequency heat energy that moves through the surface tissue without damaging surrounding healthy cells. This device is affordable, painless, and provides the highest rate of successful fat reduction across the board. In fact, patients have seen anywhere from two to four inches of fat reduction after a series of treatments with the BTL Vanquish Me. And unlike other sculpting treatments, BTL Vanquish ME is available to all patients no matter your size and shape. If you’re looking for fat reduction without surgical intervention or uncomfortable suction and freezing, the BTL Vanquish Me is the answer.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for BTL Vanquish ME treatments?

There are some things you can do before these fat reduction treatments to condition the body for optimal results. Because we want to ease into the metabolic breakdown of fat cells, you’ll want to minimize your consumption of diuretics. We recommend reducing any caffeine consumption including coffee, sodas, and teas for at least 24 hours before your treatment. Patients are also encouraged to remain hydrated before fat reduction, since lubricating the body will help with the smooth progression of fat breakdown and tissue tightening (a bonus with radiofrequency treatments).

Benefits of BTL Vanquish ME:

  • No recovery time
  • Non-contact treatment
  • No risk of tissue damage
  • Highest rates of fat reduction on the market today
  • Quick lunchtime treatment
  • Any body type and size can achieve fat reduction
  • Comfortable and pain-free

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Non-invasive Fat Reduction FAQ's

How does BTL Vanquish ME work?

While many other devices require suctioning of the skin and additional layers of protection from tissue manipulation methods, the BTL Vanquish ME never comes into contact with your skin. The advanced design of the device allows for the paneled applicator to hover several inches above the skin, delivering radiofrequency energy to a larger treatment area. This BTL device sends heat through the epidermis without distributing heat to any other layer besides those containing fat cells.

What happens to fat cells once they are heated?

Research has found that the cell membrane will disintegrate at a temperature of 40 to 45-degrees Celsius. Therefore, this is the target temperature of the radiofrequency energy delivered by the BTL Vanquish ME system. Once these stubborn fat cells undergo a consistent delivery of heat at this level, the cells are tagged within the body for disintegration.

What happens to fat once the cellular membrane is removed?

Once the cell membranes are removed, the contents of the fat cells move into the extracellular matrix, and proteins pick up these free-floating components to transport them through your system for recycling and excretion. The lymphatic system carries the fat through the liver and kidneys to naturally expel unnecessary molecules through urine and excrement.

How many treatments will I need to see results?

Clinical studies of the BTL Vanquish ME device have shown that for most patients, anywhere between four to six treatment sessions are needed to successfully break down fatty tissue. Dr. Rasi will discuss the process with you, and let you know how many sessions you will need for optimal results. Typically, treatments are scheduled one week apart, and we offer package pricing if you schedule multiple sessions in advance.

How long are these treatment sessions?

Treatment duration depends on the area you decide to treat with BTL Vanquish ME – abdominal treatments take 30 to 40 minutes, and thighs take 40 minutes to an hour to treat. Dr. Rasi will estimate treatment times for you during your consultation.

When can I expect to start seeing results?

Eight to twelve weeks is the average amount of time before you will see noticeable fat reduction post-treatment , though some patients can start to see slimming of the waistline and thighs in as little as two weeks. Dr. Rasi will further explain the expected results with your during your consultation and as you progress through these sessions.