Tattoo Removal Redlands


Body art dates back centuries as do the methods for their removal. Historically, tattoos were removed with methods such as burning, excision, and salabrasion. later, dermabrasion and laser ablation were used but These older methods often left behind significant scarring. The latest laser techniques are very effective in removing ink while leaving the skin intact. Scarring is very unusual with the latest Medlite C6 Q-switched Nd:YAG laser technology even in patients with darker skin. We also employ a Q-switched Ruby laser which is more effective for brighter colors like green and aqua.

Most colors can be removed quite effectively especially black, red, brown and other darker colors. Bright colors and especially, aqua, light green and yellow are very challenging to remove but with patience they too fade very nicely. Common reasons for wanting tattoo removal are: Bad memories associated with tattoo, lifestyle/career change, color change of ink, outdated artwork, and fading tattoo for a cover up.

We have a great program for tattoo removal that gives our patients cost certainty no matter how many treatments are required. We employ more than one laser to treat the variety of colors of tattoos found these days. Our lasers are both on site and treatments are available most weekdays.

Tattoo Removal FAQ