Facial Rejuvenation Redlands

Many types of problems can combine to make a face appear older; fine wrinkles, rough texture, frown lines etc. Therefore, rejuvenating a face naturally and non-surgically, begins with a detailed analysis to identify targets for improvement. Each patient may have a different combination of conditions so each patient needs a custom treatment plan to address their particular needs. At Senza, all facial rejuvenation begins with computerized analysis and physician assessment.

Due to the large number of conditions needing treatment, success also requires a large toolbox of treatments and laser technologies. From botox to LED lights, to Juvederm to lasers that stimulate collagen, laser and chemical peels, the patient will benefit from an experienced physician selecting the right combination of treatments out of a well stocked toolbox. There is no silver bullet and no one or two treatments is the right answer for everyone. At Senza the key to our success with patients is a huge variety of treatments and an experienced physician making the game plan on a custom basis for each patient. Because we have been in business for almost a decade and have invested heavily in developing our laser equipment toolbox, our practice is in a position to offer combination protocols that exactly suit our patients needs at a significant discount compared to most “med spas”.